Mutual evaluation reports

One of the vital elements in carrying out mutual evaluations process and in undertaking further steps (on the basis of mutual evaluations results) aimed at bringing national AML/CFT systems in conformity with international standards, is mutual sharing of valuation/assessment reports and publication of these reports on international organizations’ or FSRB websites (depending on the body that conducts the evaluation). Such a process provides for a necessary transparency of interested bodies.

According to decisions of the EAG Plenary meeting the full texts of the EAG MERs will be published on the EAG website automatically.

The EAG member states mutual evaluation reports:

Republic of Belarus

Republic of India

Republic of Kazakhstan

People’s Republic of China

Kyrgyz Republic

Republic of Tajikistan

Russian Federation


Republic of Uzbekistan



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    Outcomes of Workshop on Detecting Terrorism Financing through Money Transfer Systems The training workshop on detecting terrorism financing through money transfer systems was held by the Financial Monitoring Committee of the Finance Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in cooperation with the OSCE Program Office in Astana on March 29-30, 2016.
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