Misuse of the EAG name for fraudulent purposes

The name and logo of the Eurasian Group on Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (EAG) and, in some cases, the names or titles of the EAG Secretariat staff are being used for fraudulent purposes.

Various types of scam emails or letters purporting to be from or associated with the EAG have been circulating requesting fees for the transfer of money. Criminals who fraudulently claim to be from the EAG request victims to pay fees for fictitious services relatied to the verification of the origin of funds and claim that the funds will be blocked if the customer fails to pay the fees.

The EAG (and any other similar international body) does not provide any such services nor does it request fees or have the power to block any account or issue any ‘certificates’ for anti-money laundering or terrorist financing compliance. In addition, the EAG does not maintain any regional office or employees outside its Secretariat in Moscow (Russia).

Kindly note that the EAG is not a law enforcement agency and if you receive any fraudulent emails or letters, we suggest that you report the matter to your local law enforcement authorities.


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